You Will Make Your Own Mistakes

Every person who steps into a leadership position does not want a repeat of past sins.

If you didn’t live through the last shit show you heard all about it.

Too often, new leaders step into the equivalent of a burning building.  There is damage everywhere and you have to figure out if there is anything left to salvage.

Pumped up with the excitement of a new position you launch headfirst with ideas and plans and strategies.

And all of those ideas and plans and strategies are great. They are awesome.  But they miss something.

And you, new leader, don’t know what you are missing.  Because you are still too close to the fire.

You will make your own mistakes.

We will not make the same old mistakes. We will make our own. – Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s National Security Advisor

You will make your own mistakes, maybe not the same mistakes but you will definitely make your own mistakes.

The only way to make progress is to have the self-awareness to recognize and rectify those mistakes. And then move on.