Writing Is My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary

I liked a boy when I was eight years old and I was overwhelmed by my feelings. His name was Bradley and he had dark hair and was really good at kickball. I wrote a silly little diddy on my guitar. No one knew I liked him and I never told him, but alone in my room, when I really wanted to say something but was just too scared, I played my guitar and sang, “I watched you as I hid on the side of the hill.” This was an early attempt at poetry for me; I have probably written over 250 poems since I first penned and played that first love song back in 1972.

Writing has been my release and a way to communicate thoughts, frustrations, ideas, love, hopes, pain, dreams, aspirations, reflections, and loneliness. When my older brother passed away, I was just thirteen – I wrote a poem. When my heart was first broken – I wrote a poem. When my best friend hurt my feelings – I wrote a poem. At the end of my junior year in high school, my family moved 2,500 miles away – I wrote a poem. When I fell in love with a sixteen-year old boy (who later became the father of my four children) – I wrote a poem. Poetry and writing were my sanctuary. And as a young woman, I rarely let anyone into that sanctuary.

My father passed away on the 25th anniversary of my oldest brother’s death – I wrote a poem. My rocky marriage came to an end – I wrote then, too. And when I fell in love for the last time seven years ago – I wrote many poems. I haven’t yet been able to write about that break up

I haven’t stopped writing, since I was eight.

Finding Clarity

The best thing for my clarity of mind, my work ethic, my self-analysis, and deconstruction of preconceived notions has been to put a pencil in my hand, a pen to a note pad, a typewriter, a palm pilot, a personal computer, a laptop, a social network, an iPhone and iPad…, any and every method to write.

And social media? A method by which to publish.

Social Sharing

My first connection with social media and social sharing was in the very early days – – in 2000, I tried to get my family and friends to share vacation and event pics, but uploading photos was a dreaded nightmare, remember scanning? Then came theLadders and Myspace way back in 2003. It is incredible to think that it has been nearly eighteen years for me for online networking; life, business, and how we communicate have been altered forever, as a result. I mastered little things like the letter of invitation to passive candidates through theLadders as well as a poem made public on MySpace. The feedback I received regarding both was invaluable and cemented my desire and urge to explore writing and social media even further. It wasn’t even called social media back then. It was a place on the internet to gather, specifically, I think Myspace was called “a place for friends.”

Interestingly enough, it was on Myspace where I fell in love with blogging and I have spent the last fifteen years writing online for work and pleasure.

My Life Force

Marketing and networking has changed forever. Social is the new front porch, a quicker, better way to communicate, learn, share, and teach. And as quickly as a new tech pops up, another takes over. We’ve said nearly said goodbye to G+, Vine has been replaced by Instagram and Snap. Twitter is threatened because they have yet to truly monetize. Connect. Friend. Update. Network. Notify. Spotify. Post. Skype. Text. IM. WhatsApp. Ping.

Mobile and Social. Social and Mobile.

Where will the next ten years take us?