Would You Hire You?

Today’s post is from guest blogger Lexie Forman-Ortiz.Lexie Picture

Lexie is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters. After graduating with a degree in Anthropology and Communications from the University of Kansas she decided she never wanted to stop talking to people. She believes in creating great workplaces, developing talent, sharing knowledge and using social media for good.

It’s time to scale your team… you’ve outlined what you need in the next hire, done your sourcing, narrowed down your options and now it’s time for the interviews. The candidates come into the office, and you notice a version of yourself walking into the interview room. The question occurs, “Would you hire you?”

You have the confidence in yourself to do the job and do it well. You’ve come to the conclusion, “Yes, I would hire myself.” Well, hold on a second, because you really shouldn’t. Successful businesses thrive and succeed based on diversity of thought, a wide range of expertise and different skills. I’m not saying you are not worth hiring, I’m just saying if you have one of you it’s best to bring something different to the table.

Let’s think about lemmings for example. One goes for a dive off a cliff and they all plunge in after. Now I have confidence I’m not the type of leader that would take my team off the proverbial cliff (there aren’t many cliffs in Silicon Valley), but I know enough to know not all my ideas are brilliant. In fact the ideas that are worth the most often come from collaboration. If I have ten of myself in the room, the thought processes are the same, the big ideas are the same, and we won’t challenge one another. Groupthink is real, people! And it’s just the type of thinking that can destroy the foundation of a great idea and a good business.

I know when I was hired at SmartRecruiters it was because I proved I could bring something different to the table as intern. When it came time for me to hire the next intern I wanted to be sure he or she would have the same opportunity to create a unique professional profile and grow professional confidence as I did. That ability did not come from sitting in someone’s shadows, it came from taking on my own projects and handling them in my own unique way.

We took to Quora to see if the world agreed. Majority agrees with my stance. Other people have so many talents you do not. If you’re building a team, you want to be the LEAST capable of the people you hire.


So when you’re going into the interview room thinking about how you can separate yourself from the talent that’s already there. Ask yourself, how can I amplify the skills of those around me (NOT mirror them)? The same goes for when you’re hiring a new member to your team. If you want to scale, and you want to do it seriously you need people that can make a difference because they’re different.

As far as hiring yourself goes, as long as you’re the type of leader people WANT to work for – you inspire them, build them up, and give them tools they need to create an awesome product – you’ve got all the you, you need.


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