Why Does Work Suck?

Face it folks, work sucks! According to latest statistical data regarding employee sentiments, over 70% are disengaged. This means basically they hate it. The employees don’t feel connected to the organization, valued or respected. They simply come in do the minimum amount required, collect their paychecks and go home. There’s no passion or excitement.

Why do employees hate their jobs? It’s not because they are childish spoiled brats. I’ve been doing some very unscientific research of my own coupled with a bunch of articles that I’ve read on the topic and here’s what I’ve learned. People are unhappy at work because of the following.

Job Satisfaction: The job is not exciting. There’s nothing to be proud at the end of the shift. They simply follow or manage a process already in place. No one asks their opinions or thoughts about the organization.

Glass Ceiling: There is no room for advancement within the organization. Jobs are prearranged and promised to others.

Nepotism/Favoritism: This perpetuates the glass ceiling effect. When workers see manager’s favorites, friends or co-workers from previous jobs infiltrate the workplace and move up, it makes them feel as if an insurmountable barricade has been placed in front of them.

Office Politics: This one is right up there with nepotism and favoritism but there’s more to office politics. For instance, take situations where managers would deny opportunities to staff because they are too valuable to lose or what about when the manager’s inadequate abilities would be exposed if their top performers move on. Upper management insecurity has ruined many a career.

Lousy Working Conditions: Out dated equipment, old technology, uncomfortable quarters, and cleanliness and safety issues.

Micro-management:  There’s a difference in being accountable and efficient versus a management style that stifles you.  Constant badgering the employees over tasks, deadlines and progress throughout the day, is unnecessary. Trust your people to complete their tasks.

Compensation: Pay isn’t everything but it’s something. The median American salary is about $26,500.00. That’s about $9,000.00 more than unemployment. Pay the people.

As organizational leaders & human resource professionals, we have to be the ones to make work suck less.

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