When Performance Creates You

Kyle Jones, PICHR, Performance I Create

When Performance Creates You, PICHR, Kyle JonesWhat does a job change, a closing gate, and an HR blog have in common? For me, they serve as three points of interest along my 2014 journey. This is the story of how I joined this blog and, for me, an overview of what happens when performance creates you!

A Closing Gate

I was comfortable in my job in January of this year. I worked closely with company owners and enjoyed a level of trust built on almost 18-years of tenure. I was in a routine and, as mentioned above, enjoyed the comfort that this day-in/day-out provided. What I didn’t realize then…..a time of change was coming. The gate was closing.

By mid-June, the comfort disappeared as an announcement was made of a pending sale of the company. Ironically, the announcement came five days after my 18th anniversary. Would it not have been a bit of irony if this announcement came a mere five days prior? Actually, forget irony because my world was turned upside down as I was faced with the unknown.

As with most of us when faced with the unknown, I was the center of my universe. I wanted to know what would happen to me. I asked myself:

  • What will I do now?
  • What do I want to do now?
  • What does this mean for me?
  • What if I can’t find a job making the same as I am now?
  • What if…what might…will I….can I….maybe…but what can I…. (You get the idea.)

In the end, circumstances reminded me of something very important: Unexpected change forces us outside of our comfort zones and makes us grow. My work didn’t carry weight of knowing I made an impact anymore.

Let’s be realistic – I didn’t feel like I made a difference.

I made a decision to see it through to the end. I also wanted to see what might happen with the new company. My blogging journey had created a great online HR network and I privately reached out to several contacts as part of my goal to discover what I wanted to do for this next chapter.

It was during this time that I also reached out to other fans of Doctor Who. One, in particular, is the host of the long-running podcast, Doctor Who Podshock. Since then, I have been on (most) weekly episodes of Doctor Who Podshock each week since August.

An HR Blog

Performance I Create entered the picture at just the right time. Writing for a group blog was something that I wanted to do and #PICHR appeared to be a good fit. I liked the blog’s premise and enjoyed the content. The most important factor – the bloggers were genuinely nice people and this was impressive.Kyle Jones, PICHR, Performance I Create

I am happy to move past the designation of guest and join the ranks as an official Performance I Create blogger. I’m honored to be at the party and hope to bring insight into the world of HR in Mississippi and beyond.


Remember my decision to wait and see? Well, that decision paid off. I am part of an HR department and no longer a department-of-one. My role of Corporate Recruiter will allow me to focus on one area of HR. I’m working for a company that is customer focused. (Better yet, customer inspired!) It’s a culture of ethics that places the customer first.

Oh, and one more thing…

To date, I am happier than I have been in years!

I’m making a difference again.


2 thoughts on “When Performance Creates You

  1. That’s good stuff. You know I wrote an article on this very website titled “A Change Will Do You” and it fits your situation.
    I can say this now. I am glad you got laid off. It makes you stronger. More people need to be laid off because they have gotten way too comfortable with the status quo.

    Congrats on the new gig and making the cut with us.


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