What’s Next in 2014?

It’s always important to ask, “What’s next?” Each year everyone is excited to start new journeys. That excitement includes physical fitness, financial and personal goals. On PIC we’ve talked about new year goals and objectives before. In fact last year the entire month of January was all about quarterly goals. The content was great and helpful. And now we have a new year 2014 so what’s next?

The goal, which should be to get better, doesn’t change – it never does.

In order to figure out what you want to do this year, you must evaluate what you’ve done last year. You should reflect and analyze 2013  and the goals you established. Did you accomplish them, why or why not? Did they work, why or why not? Are you serious about getting better, why or why not? Do you have to right leaders and staff? 

Please believe me when I say “lip service” is real. People talk, and talk and try to make you believe that they really want to get better and make the company better but there is no action behind it. They just want to talk about it. “Hey, let’s have a management planning meeting!” (shoot me now) Eliminate the talkers in the processes, identify and engage with the doers. The doers will take you to the promise land, while the talkers are still talking. Trust me on this one, there are way more talkers than doers… like zombies, there are everywhere.

Some companies need new technology – in the worst way! But shopping and negotiating with vendors is the worst, they all lie and tell you that can make you better. You still have to investigate and look into it – use your network of HR professionals to help you cut through the fluff and noise. If you are not connected to a network of resourceful HR and business professionals – shame on you!

Other companies need new benefit and compensation plans. They are offering old outdated benefits which your workforce does not value.  Do some digging – ask them what they would like to see and then go shopping.

A majority of companies have ineffective leadership. No easy pill here. More analysis/data/investigation – try anonymous surveys. Promise your employees limited confidentially and absolutely no retaliation for sharing their thoughts. Hire a 3rd party Ombudswoman or man to listen, report and help you mediate the concerns of your workforce.

You want a better company? Ask yourself, what’s next and how do we get there? Fix what’s wrong, then make a plan  and make it happen.

Here’s to an ePIC 2014.


One thought on “What’s Next in 2014?

  1. I REALLY like the ePIC tag. Very nice!

    Two phrases came to mind as I read this post.

    1 – Talk is cheap.

    2 – Actions speak ever so louder than words.

    I hope to speak less and act more in 2014 to make it ePIC!

    (Sorry, had to go there!)

    Kudos, Chris!

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