What 2012 Has Slated for Us – Fresh Content, New Contributors…

It is 2012, and the start of a new year.

Starting a new year can equate the same routine or something new. Here at Performance I Create we are pushing for the latter – something NEW!

2011 was a good starting year for us with a great group of contributors and content, but we are planning and working to make 2012 a classic.

What Can You Expect in 2012?

  • New contributor(s)
  • Look for announcement later this week
  • New Content
  • Leadership Series – Interviews with real leaders in today’s organizations to discuss leadership, performance, etc.
  • Training Series – Interviews with training professionals on the state of training, trends for 2012, and much more
  • Fresh content from our contributors providing insight on how we can influence performance in ourselves and others
  • Guest Posts
  • Expect some engaging posts from names you know in social media

2012 is basically going to be a year where we get to have fun and share great information with you. To ensure you stay up-to-date with new posts, be sure to add us to your reader via RSS feed or subscribe via email. Additionally, you can follow us on Twitter at @PerformanceIC.

You can expect new posts beginning the week of January 9, 2012. 

Until then, you can read fresh content on some of our contributors’ blogs:

Chris Fields (@new_resource) – http://www.costofwork.com

Melissa Fairman (@HrRemix) – http://www.hrremix.com

Chris Ponder II (@ChrisPonder) – http://www.xtremehr.com

Kimberly Seeger (@KimberlySeeger) – http://www.kimberlyseeger.com 


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