Upset Your Apple Cart!

No one likes to be changed but it seems that HR and change frequently go together:

  • The manager we counsel to change his/her abrasive management style
  • The employees we counsel to change their work style
  • Discussions we have about changing the organizations culture

I’ve been in on discussions like the above and I’m always proclaiming that change is good! But:

  • Two car purchases in a row I have bought a black car with a black interior.
  • A good portion of music I listen to is older rather than new (who has time to find new music?!)
  • I was really ticked off when the Bears fired Lovie Smith and didn’t re-sign Brian Urlacher (Brian Urlacher is an institution!)

I mentioned my distaste that the Bears fired Lovie Smith but when thought of this from the team perspective I realized this is probably a good move for the Bears.  The team realized to get to the Super Bowl something needed to change and Lovie wasn’t the guy who could do that. Many of us HR pros (including myself) would advocate a leadership shakeup in different circumstances, but it feels different when that change is happening to my team.

It is easy to advocate for change when you aren’t affected, instead of shaking our heads at the “obvious” signs of the need for change take a look at what you are reluctant to change. I hope you realize, like I did, that it is time to refresh certain things (I will take music suggestions in the comments).  We spend a lot of time advocating that people and organizations change, the least we can do is spend some time upsetting our own apple cart!



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