Unf#*k the Recruiting Process

When was the last time you had to look for a job? If it’s been a while let me tell you it’s a hot mess out there. The job boards are crowded with millions of jobs. In most cases you have to create an account before applying. When applying you have to fill out a bunch of questions and after spending 30 to 60 minutes applying, you will receive an email 5 minutes later stating, “We’ve carefully reviewed your application and although your credentials are quite impressive we pursing other candidates…” That’s effed up.

Here’s some other stuff that I have been hearing about, you apply for a job, a recruiter calls you just to tell you just how you are NOT fit and the conversation goes horribly wrong. And what about when these recruiters – male and female – flirts with you. Recently, I was on confidentially brought on a call with a recruiter and the recruiter was trying to flatter the candidate. He said things like, “Wow, you sure are pretty, you should have no problem getting this job.” (based on her Linkedin picture) and then said something like, “I wonder if your laugh is as pretty as your Linkedin picture?” That’s effed up!

We can all agree, men are trash but ladies, you aren’t off the hook either. A client of mine told me about an epic waste of time he just experienced when he was referred to a company through a friend and that friend arranged a meeting with the company’s recruiter. ¬†She kept complimenting my client on how handsome he is and how she needs to take a selfie to show the women in the office. He was uncomfortable but didn’t want to offend her or miss out on a possible job, so he took the picture. She promised to follow up about a job soon. Well, her next call was to invite him to meet a “junior recruiter” for coffee. He did. And all she wanted to talk about was her experience dating after a divorce. He politely asked about job opportunities to which she said, “Oh yes, I am sure there is something we can figure out” and invited him out to dinner. He decided against dinner but that’s effed up too.

This was posted n LinkedIn by Capital One. I’m starting to be real contrary to these types of stats because there is so much age discrimination, race discrimination, size discrimination, and religious discrimination in the recruiting process. While executives complain that there is a skills gap or talent shortage on one hand, on the other hand they tell recruiters and hiring managers not to hire people based on factors outside of skill!!

I am not the only one who disagrees with these “Skills/Talent Gap” stats – read the comments on this LinkedIn post – at the time of publishing most of the comments were anti-talent/skills gap shortage rhetoric.

Did you know that white candidates receive a 40% longer interview than a black candidate? Did you know that people sit 24% further away from a black candidate then a white candidate. That’s some bias that we need to fight. And by the way, I got that information from Dr. Phil. He was on “The Breakfast Club” morning show recently and shared those facts. And that’s effed up.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking, “Chris, you have all the problems, now what are the solutions?” Here are my thoughts on how to unf*ck the recruiting process.

  1. Define the skills you need to perform the job and not your personal preference of the profile of the person you want. Just the skills. For instance, is a 4-year degree a necessity? For most jobs, it is NOT! Next, do not automatically toss out candidates if they have more education or experience than you. Do not decline anyone because you are intimidated by their credentials. Make sure it’s strictly about the necessary skills to perform the job at hand.
  2. Don’t discriminate. Nope – stop – don’t. Not based on skin color, race style, religion, name, or age. Give good qualified people a chance.
  3. Ask these questions in your interview: 1.) How do you feel about the #MeToo movement? 2.) How do you feel about #TimesUp. 3.) How do you feel about “blackface”? 4.) How do you feel about microaggressions? 5.) How do you handle passive aggressiveness? 6.) Do you think politics should be openingly discussed in the workplace and why?
  4. Don’t use the major job boards. Use your company website, social media accounts, headhunters and freelance recruiters to advertise and source candidates. If you want to reach a certain community – then identify the forums and areas and market your job opening in those communities.

Take my advice and we can unf*ck recruiting together.