Two Months in Review – Check it Out

So we are going on two months here at Performance I Create in which we have had our new/existing contributors on board and pumping out some great content. Honestly, I cannot believe we have already reached the two month point, but it has been such a great ride the time has flown by. The best part is that the remainder of the year is going to be even better!

Now, in case you missed what we have been up to, here are our past two months in review:

Chris Fields

Melissa Fairman

Jay Kuhns

Chris Ponder II

Buzz Rooney


We are just skimming the surface with the content that is to come and I am super stoked to be writing with a great group of folks – thanks Chris, Melissa, Jay, and Buzz!

Stay tuned for our Leadership and Training series – it will be great!

Have a great week everyone.


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