Trust the Process (unless it’s broken)

Are your company’s executives listening when you tell them the process is broken?

Has anyone said to you, “Just get it done!”

In this age of tech innovation there is at least one person in your office who is convinced that all you need to do is buy a bunch of new technology and all of the company’s problems will be solved?

Have you ever implemented a new system only to get the same old results?

Have you ever cross-trained employees so they could be more useful but productivity was still stagnate?

Have you hired a new Manager or Supervisor to fix things but things remain “broken”?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions then most likely the problem is not the manager, the tech, or employees, most likely its the process.

I’m going to dust off an old terminology here (at the risk of carbon dating myself) but when was the last time you initiated an good old fashioned process analysis?

And I don’t mean an overview or observation, I mean a hands-on first-hand examination of the process from A to Z, then a breakdown of each step for purposes of consistency and improvement.

In order to get better you have to be able to fix the process before buying new technology or adding more resources.

That only makes things worse.

Strip down the process to the bare-bones and expose all the insides – break it down – blow it up and start from the bottom.

If a change management situation has to happen, then let it happen. Tell the executives that this process needs a major overhaul. If they say, “no” that’s cool, at least you told them and they can’t say they didn’t know.

Maybe the process is fine, but usually it isn’t. Maybe it’s the people. If it’s the people, don’t just throw them out. Retrain them. Educate them. Then maybe replace them, if necessary.

It’s 2017 folks, no reason not to be efficient and performing at your peek.