The Return of PIC: Defiantly Independent

PIC Has NOT Been Acquired.

Any previous announcements to the contrary were premature. Due to strategic differences in leadership, communications, and vision we realized that no one understands or values PIC as much as we do. We determined that an acquisition was not in our best interest. So, we remain an independently owned and operated blog.

The Way To Proceed Is With Freedom

We rediscovered what once made writing exciting and that is freedom. The freedom to create without filters, fear, or traditional requirements that stifle creativity. We understand the natural tendency to categorize or label things so they fit in a comfortable and predictable space, however those are the same tendencies that constrict us from true greatness. For PIC to achieve its maximum potential, it had to be reborn without fear or limitations…we have to defy the norm.

No More HR 101

PIC 2.0 aka PIC: The Defiant Ones is a community  of Content Creators  who have already shared a disciplined yet honest and defiant perspective with their social community. These storytellers will share  their life lessons from a personal and professional perspective.  This will not be the same HR101 and best practices blog. PIC 2.0 will be robust, fluid, colorful, bold, brash, politically incorrect, disruptive, combative, honest, and DEFIANT!

This is the only website in our community whose Content Creators are free to write about whatever is on their minds. We are no longer worried about offending organizations or individual personalities, instead we want honest stories and conversations. PIC has always gone against the grain and we will continue to resist the status quo by pushing the envelope with authentic content – no apologies.  There is a lot of shit broken in the world that affects us personally and professionally and we will write about it.  

Are we HR? Hmm, well, we’re HR-ish. Are we PIC? Yes. We’re PIC: The Defiant Ones.”

Interested? Contact us for more.

-Chris Fields

-Melissa H. Fairman