The Last Carnival of #HR for 2016


Before you scroll through the list looking for your own name, please take a moment and check out these truly great articles and save of them to your blog roll. By hosting this, the last Carnival of HR for 2016, I have connected with some new HR thought leaders.

Without further ado…ladies and gentlemen,

The Carnival of HR

Here is a comprehensive and easy to digest exploration of the latest overtime rulings from Stephanie Hammerwold of the HR Hammer. (love that name)

“Why We Need the Overtime Rule”

I like to think I am an HR Compliance Lawyer…I am not, but we have an article from Rudner MacDonald, LLP (the Next Chapter in Employment Law) which helps us understand the importance of AODA compliance.

“The Latest Chapter in Employment Law: It’s the Final Countdown…AODA Compliance Deadline on January 1”

To add to our compliance section of the Carnival, we have an offering from The Lindenberger Group, they want to make sure we are all staying updated with…

“Keeping Up With…Employment Law”

We can all use a little inspiration, amirite? Here is a post for Linda Fisher Thornton of the Leading Context website with…

“20 Quotes to Inspire Leaders in the New Year (Part 1)”

Next up is one from the folks at Carter Morris, and what impressed me was the amount of research they dedicated to bring us this article. Please read and enjoy…

“Part time work doesn’t have to equal a career pause”

Let’s see what’s trendy for the new year from the Ultimate Software blog and by Cecile Alper-Leroux, please check out…

“Workforce Trends: What to Expect in 2017”

Now for something a little different. Do you all know Naomi Bloom of In Full Bloom? You should. Well, she’s sharing with us a series of quick posts called “Death by Lousy HRM” you can read them all here.

One of my favorite people to follow on Twitter is Mary Faulkner of the SurvivingLeadership blog and she is sharing a little hope and insight for the new year, read “2017 and the need for a plan”.

And finally as your hosts, we here at PIC would like you to check out a few of our own articles from 2016…

“He Won, So What, Now YOU Must Lead”

“Boss Up”

“Compliance Issues That Will Dog HR in 2017”


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