Performance Review Death Spiral

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I’ve been in Human Resources a long time. I’ve been in healthcare a long time too. Through it all the Performance Review has been a mainstay not only in the corporate culture of the various health systems I’ve worked; but also in the regulatory psyche of those that oversee hospital performance. And the reality is performance reviews just don’t work anymore. Expectations Then Communication […]


HPI Series: Performance & Gap Analyses

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Last week, you learned about the Organizational/Business analysis in the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) model. To recap, the organizational or business analysis is the process of identifying and clarifying company vision, mission, goals, targets, and needs. This step in the process ultimately works to assist the performance consultant understand what the organization values the most. […]


HPI Series: Organizational/Business Analysis

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Last week I discussed the difference between performance management and human performance improvement. In case you missed the post, here is the high-level difference between the two: Performance Management Performance Management is usually referenced as the process of managing performance of an organization, department, or employee. Performance is typically measured by established goals and a […]