Managerial Courage is Crucial

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Given the nature of the economy and the state of many businesses right now, unfortunately leaders are finding themselves having to have performance discussions with employees more and more. As I have scoped the landscape of a lot of these leaders, the ability or the skills to have the difficult conversations with employees regarding performance […]


The Mystery of Feedback !!

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Companies are notorious when it comes to feedback.  There are countless systems developed, executed and utilized at all levels of an organization.  We want to know what people think !!  Or do we ?? Seriously, one of the areas that HR is thrust into on at least an annual basis is some sort of programmed, structured […]


The Secret Ingredient in Performance Management

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We hear a lot about the sad state of the performance appraisal process:  It’s broken, fundamentally flawed and completely irrelevant.  Some of that is probably true.  I’ve heard many suggestions ranging from the extreme of having DAILY performance meetings, to the opposite extreme where companies do not have any type of appraisal process. Some companies […]