Bigger PIC-ture: Remove the Auto Tuned Performance

When I created this blog back in May 2011, my intent was to provide an outlet for readers to garner valuable information from a host of experienced, knowledgeable contributors on how to drive performance individually or collectively within an organization.

Past year in a half in perspective/evaluation of the blog, I would say as a contributor group we have laid the initial foundation to assist people with driving performance forward. However, I know we can provide much, much more!

See, too many organizations today focus on addressing performance deficiencies with meaningless training or interventions that have zero return for the employee or organization. And when organizations get stuck in this “bubble”, it is easy for employees to drive their performance in the same fashion.

Remove the Auto Tuned PerformanceHere is where it has to stop. No longer can it be acceptable for organizations or employees to empower impactful performance through auto tune initiatives, training, or performance. You may be thinking to yourself, “what is a/an auto tune initiative, training, or performance”?

When I say auto tune, you hear it every day on the radio. We as a society have come to accept – or tolerate – singers today who make their money strictly on the fact that a computer auto tuned their voice to make them sound acceptable. As long as you can get a Britney Spears who is able to put on a flashy light, sexy costume, and smoke generating concert, we at times are willing to accept the fact the singing is less than stellar because we feel we get something in return with her performances/concerts.

As I look at many organizations today, I do not see much difference. When efforts are put forth to tackle a gap (skill, performance, etc.), the direction is typically applying a band-aid at a high to medium level, which could include:

  • Applying training to address the skill gap, but training is not the true answer
  • Implementing a policy to correct the “so-called” behavior driving the gap
  • Retooling other efforts or interventions that more than likely did not have an “A” impact
  • Creating an awesome program that should increase engagement and performance


The problem I see with many of these efforts is that they are auto tuned to sound cool, snazzy, and impactful and when implemented provide short-term flashy, sexy, and smoke generating results. However long-term, the results many times do not produce and we in turn move on to the next best thing or buzz word that can be implemented.

So here is my challenge or Bigger PIC-ture for how Performance I Create will continue to evolve in 2013 – the content will remove the auto tune and provide you, the reader, with information that allows you to get beyond the high-level and dig down to the nitty gritty to effectively implement interventions and/or training that address gaps.

Performance is key and crucial – wannabes cannot continue to dominate and lead minuscule performance. We have to reinstate the drive, passion, excitement, innovation, and creativity back to our workforce!

Part of this comes from better analysis in way of how we get to understanding what is the true cause steering performance off course. And my goal this year to you is to provide you with more direction on how to dig down to the cause.

Now, as you evaluate 2012, do you recognize any auto tuned initiatives that at the time seemed glitzy and great and turned out to not be so great?

What are you doing differently in 2013 to prevent that from occurring again?


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