Time to Power Up Your Creative Thinking!

We have a guest writer,  JoAnn Corley, who is conducting 2 Mega Sessions at SHRM National Conference Explosion June 29 – July 1st in Las Vegas. Check the conference app for complete scheduling.  JoAnn has a new book out now “Brain on Fire – Unleashing Your Creative Superpowers” Get it here -> www.thehumansphere.com .


Ever sat in a staff meeting and the facilitator (typically the manager) says, “Ok, we need some solutions, let’s come up with ideas.”…and everyone sits there like deer in headlights and the cricket symphony begins because no one has anything to say?  This is a common occurrence in corporate conference rooms today.  For some, coming up with ideas, engaging in the proverbial “brainstorming” activity seems like a waste of time and painful to many netting minimal, meaningful results.

Why is this so common? There is a fundamental lack of understanding of creativity; who is, what it is, how to engage in it, it’s relationship to critical thinking and how to leverage it practically to meet today’s challenges. And so, particularly in the corporate arena, there has not been a positive and constructive experience with it. And since many don’t believe they’re creative anyway, that experience heightens an already flawed relationship.

Stop the madness I say! We need creativity/creative thinking in the workplace for so many reasons! Ultimately we need it to keep our companies growing and innovating to feed the critical expansion of our economy. There is an undeniable, profound ripple effect to this capability. Creativity is an economic imperative!

Here’s the challenge, it begins with each individual within a company. As Jeff Hawkins of Palm Computing (yep, remember the Palm Pilot) said, “Companies don’t innovate, people do.”

So, if it starts with individuals and yet many don’t know how to be creative or don’t even believe they are — “Houston we have a problem.”  Yet, there is a simple solution — provide an approachable, fun, realistic and practical experience that substantially changes one’s relationship to it. That’s what my workshops and the book Brain on FireUnleashing Your Creative Superpowers does.

The session at SHRM – Creative & Innovative Thinking: The Next New Skill will do the same — provide a memorable experience to debunk all the confusing notions surrounding who is or who is not creative, along with a practical process on how to continually be so.

Here is my passionate desire — that everyone sees, understands, believes and experiences their creative capability and not just on a superficial level, but with such depth they feel their brain on fire. Brain on fire is unlocking a flow, expanding the capacity to think, engaging talent, inciting drive and nets excitement, surprises, meaningful results and ultimately profits.

Imagine if every person in a company, no matter their role, experienced this…yes, just imagine.


Contributor Bio:  JoAnn Corley is Founder, CEO of The Human Sphere™, a holistic talent management consultancy. She is a dynamic, inspiring speaker and author and will be conducting 2 mega-sessions at this year’s SHRM event. Named to several top 100 lists of HR Experts to follow, you can also find her on radio shows and other media throughout the U.S. and internationally.


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