Performance I Create: Influence

Let’s continue our conversation about the performance I create….

This post will discuss ‘What’ will influence your performance?

  • What do you do?
  • What do you WANT to do that you are not doing now?
  • What do you need to KNOW to do what you are not doing now?
  • What people invest, illuminate and inspire you?
  • What could you DO to acquire new challenges and opportunities?
  • What might be more fun, challenging and / or important?

Let me share with you a few of my “What” responses.

Because …….

  • I ask questions, design, develop, deliver and support learning solutions.
  • I connect people with tools, techniques and processes so that they KNOW and can DO.
  • I am involved with intelligent, internally inspired people.
  • I would love to experience global challenges and opportunities.

In subsequent posts, I will address, How, and When?  Remember, the Who is YOU!

So, what’s next!


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