Not Dr. Blasey Ford

Personally, I’m shocked but not surprised that Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Saturday October 6thby a vote of 50-48.

He was chosen by the president to replace Anthony Kennedy. You may have seen on television that Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct and attempted rape over 35 years ago by now Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Although she’s married with kids, a professor and did I mention she’s a doctor now? When that dude was nominated by the other dude she wrote a letter to senate explaining what happened. She asked for privacy but the letter and story was leaked to the media. She then decided to come forward and publicly accuse and try to hold him accountable for his actions.

And what did the republicans do to her? Well, they took a page out of the old playbook and they immediately began to discredit her and ask, “why come forward now?” She received death threats (she and her family). She had to move to a new home, away from the angry mob. Even so, she agreed to testify in front of the Senate Committee and millions of people all over the world.

She testified under oath. She told her story. She answered every question. She recounted painful and embarrassing memories. She represented herself well. And after she testified, he testified.

You probably saw the whole thing but I have a few questions for you. Between the two people who testified…

Who lost their temper?

Who evaded questions?

Who was defensive?

Who flat out would not answer some questions?

Who lashed out at the committee?

Who had to apologize to one of the committee members for their actions and behavior?

Who had inconsistencies in their story?

Who had former classmates come out against them?

Who was supported by angry old white guys – yelling and screaming?

Who did the majority of republican senators believe?

Who is now on the highest court in the land?


Not Dr. Ford, that’s who.