A New Old Metric for HR

We all want to hire and keep the best people on the planet, right? I think all baseball teams want to win, perhaps with the exception of the Chicago Cubs.  So where do these two items intercept?  Well for me it was in beautiful Oak Brook, Illinois – home of Oak Brook Center and The Drury Lane Theater.

Last week I was working as a volunteer for the Illinois State Council of SHRM where I had the pleasure to hear Mary Ann Downy or MAD as she says her friends call her.  Mary Ann presented a session called Quality of Hire. The Elusive HR Metric.  Are you at the edge of your seat yet?  Me neither. It sounded interesting but not like one of those edgy titles that has World Class or something like that in it.

As a volunteer I had the privilege of introducing Mary Ann and she did have a long list of credentials. So she began her presentation
(which is available below).

[slideshare id=25539212&doc=qualityofhire2013-130823195603-phpapp01]

It was all good stuff but somewhere along the way at slide 22, she struck a nerve. MAD had been doing a run up to the big point. She was throwing out her BIG DATA to support her point. That being many organization do not do a good job of tracking the quality of hire, and/or how they do once they come on board.  But now she was moving to assessing hiring managers.  She then threw out the term where I had the ah hah moment.  She said Hiring Batting Average (HBA). BAM! That got me sucked in!

I wanted to know more about this so I figuratively stood up and took notice of all that she was laying down right now.  It is amazing that the sports metaphor does flow so nicely into the employee performance genre. Having spoken to Mary Ann after the conference, she was kind enough to share her deck, which I have re-gifted here to PICHR.  Afterwards we did share some conversation and told me that this was Jack Welch – The GE Guy’s concept originally. And while I have not always agreed with Jack on everything he did. Jack did have a successful career, so he must have been right about a lot.

After delving more into the HBA I have found that this is not really a new concept and it has been dormant for a while.  If you too Google it you will find a lot of material.

So, in my opinion you can concoct a formula to work for your organization. Grab the data items you want, put the headers in the Excel columns and you have your latest HR metric. The HBA. Find out who is hitting the home runs when it comes to hiring in your organization.


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