New Contributor – Melissa Fairman

2012 is shaping up to be a great year for us here at Performance I Create.

How so? We are adding new contributors to the site – three new contributors, in fact!

Which brings me to the introduction of Melissa Fairman, who is joining the contribution team this month. Many of you know Melissa from her thought-provoking blog, HrRemix or on Twitter at @HrRemix. If you have not had the opportunity to read her blog, go there now. Once you take a read on what she has to offer, you will see why we wanted her to join our contributor team.

Melissa has 5+ years in HR across multiple industries and HR specialties. Her experience encompasses performance management, global HR systems, and other generalist work. Her passion is empowering people to help themselves in their careers. When not breathing all things HR she can be found listening to music, playing violin or trying to get through a never shrinking pile of books she swears she is going to finish soon.

Welcome to the team, Melissa!

Stay tuned for further posts introducing two of our other new contributors!


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