New Contributor – Buzz Rooney

If you read about our plan for 2012, you know that we are adding some new contributors to the team. We already announced two of our newest contributors, Melissa Fairman (announcement) and Jay Kuhns (announcement).

But today, I am excited to announce another great resource we are adding to the Performance I Create team. Queue fireworks……

Welcome Buzz Rooney to the contribution team!

For those of you that do not know Buzz, she is a practicing HR Professional with over a decade of experience in the production, manufacturing and retail industries. She is also a blogger and part-time HR consultant. You are able to read her great contributions to the blogging community at her blog www.thebuzzonhr.com. Additionally, you can follow Buzz on Twitter at @thebuzzonhr.

Having Buzz join the team is a fantastic addition because she offers a valued and enlightening perspective to so many topics.

Welcome to the team, Buzz!


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