Money Isn’t Everything But It’s Hard To Walk Away From It


As a young adult I was told that you never bring up salary during an interview and that you let them bring it up first. I was also told that you shouldn’t let money determine your happiness. We have all heard that money doesn’t buy you happiness. We have all seen how billionaires seem insatiable and angry. Most of us feel if we had more money all of our problems would be solved. As a self-employed business man, I can’t tell you how many times people tell me that I am lucky because I do not have to “go to work and deal with people or a boss.” Listen up folks, it’s the same thing just packaged differently. It’s all about the money.

We all need it, we all have to make it, it comes and it goes and we can’t live without it. No matter how feel about money if you are reading this, then you probably are an employee or a small business owner but what you are not is rich. You may be comfortable but you aren’t rich. I will even go a step further and say you are not sacrificing anything at all. Buying food and clothes for your own kids is not a sacrifice, you signed up for that when you decided to have children.

Recently, I saw a story on CBS News about a woman who cooks meals for kids and the homeless every day using her own food with money from her own pockets and she is broke. She makes miracles every day with nothing. Her local community recently blessed her with a new car, or should I say a newer car, a refurbished 2014 model and she was so excited you would have thought it was a Maybach.

Here’s one that is closer to home. We all want to make a difference, right? But how? We are so focused on obtaining or sustaining 6-figures that we can’t help anyone else except ourselves. Well, I know a person who quit their lucrative job making 6-figures to open a non-profit organization designed the help young people gain the education and skills necessary to gain a career in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) earning as much as $60K/per year.

If you think running a non-profit isn’t a sacrifice then you are high as hell because it most certainly is, especially when you have a family that depends on you and the funds and grants that you rely for the non-profit could end at any moment. Also, when you dedicate your life to helping others, in many cases you don’t make a lot of money – hell, you can’t even get donations. As I type this article there is a GoFundMe campaign to raise $100M for Kylie Jenner so she can become a self-made billionaire (she has $900M of her own already) and people are donating to that cause.

Far be it from me to spend someone else’s money, but I have to say the things we put value in are astonishing. Which goes back to my point, MONEY. Don’t sometimes you hate the system of money? Think about it, you have to work so many hours per day (the prime time of the day) to earn money to collect a check, to pay taxes and bills and try to eek out a savings. It’s hard to do what you love because what you love often times doesn’t pay enough to keep the lights on.

I often wonder if I could be brave enough to help others for free? Or would I let material things continue to dominate my life’s decisions? So many of us are having to choose between what makes us happy and what pays the bills… I will never forget a good friend of mine in HR once told me, “Look, I like my job, fine. I am not disgruntled or pissed off. I am cool but if I’m being honest, I’d rather be home cooking pancakes for my girls (wife and kids).” – but it’s hard to walk away from that money.