Managing My Stress

I’m a busy guy. My current job seems to be moving at a faster and faster pace. The demands to perform at a high level only seem to increase as time races along. 

Suddenly deadlines that seemed far off are staring me in the face; multitasking (defined as frantic-tasking in my world) is the norm; and it seems everyone is writing content about slowing down and only focusing on one or two tasks a day.

What? They either have nothing going on in their world; or, they have an army of people running around taking care of most of the details of their lives.

The Flip Side

Before I morph into Jay-the-Downer, I need to clarify a couple of things. Although my job is hectic, it’s also pretty cool. I have the support to push the limits with social media, creative HR solutions, and just about every other great idea my team comes up with. We aren’t expected to conform; in fact, my organization now wonders “what HR will come up with next.”

That’s pretty sweet…and I know most HR teams do not experience that level of freedom to work in the 21st century. Most of the HR teams I meet are still locked-in around 1982. Good year (my first concert!), but not very current from a human resources practitioner perspective.

Jay vs. Stress

Earlier this summer my stress level hit an all time high. Lots of issues were hitting all at once at work, and I was traveling unexpectedly that had me out of the office more than I normally choose to be in a condensed period of time.

So I had a choice…succumb to the stress or step up and manage it. Some of you may know that I have a competitive side to me. Okay, I’m ultra-competitive and quite candidly was more than pissed that stress seemed to be getting an edge on me. I made the choice to channel my competitive personality into something I enjoy: working out.

Now I know you’ve all done a big ‘ol eye roll at this point thinking I’m going to espouse the benefits of strength training, and cardio, and how it will help you live longer, reduce your stress, and be able to enjoy your work and families more. But I won’t do that. (Kind of just did though, yo!)

What I’m really talking about is control, teamwork and support. If you eat well (or at least better), workout regularly (or at least a few times a week), and leverage a community (in real life or online like the HR Fit Crew), you will get results.

There’s no magic, no pills, no creams, and no special programs that get results without work. Just like in your job…you put in the work everyday, and BAM…you get results! Imagine that? Working hard each day gets results.

Time To Perform

Are you so full of exercise and nutrition excuses that you should be your own all-you-can-excuse-buffet? I used to be that way too. Then I got tired of not being at the top of my game, regardless of whether I was at work or at home.

Stop making lame excuses, go ahead and like the HR Fit Crew page, and find a community of people who are just like you. It’s about taking control, teamwork and support.






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