Is Your Performance Making Mom and Dad Proud?

Every day when we go to work, we are performers.  Just like the performers on the stage, the movie set or the recording studio, most every day is a performance.  If the day wasn’t a performance, then it was a research day or preparation day getting ready for the next performance, or the next dress rehearsal.  Do you view your work day as such, you should.

When you are a leader, EVERYBODY watches what you do EVERYDAY. They may not discuss the day’s performance with you, but they will catalogue it and critique it, unbeknownst to you.  An employee might reference something you said or did, at a later date, they are going into your archive of performances and using this as clip as reference.

I can’t really take credit for this concept of being a performer at work.  Have you ever been to Disney World? What do they call their employees?  They are Cast Members, i.e each of them is part of the show.   Not all of the cast members are forward facing.  We have the maintenance technicians that keep the rides safe and operational and many other “behind the scenes” cast members that keep the show going.

In your organizations, these may be people your I.T. people, who seldom interact with your customers – they are not forward facing, but they are essential to the organization.  Other cast members include your custodial or janitorial staff, they too are not on stage or in front of the camera but they are essential in keeping the organization functioning properly.

Leaders are the high profile people. They are the starring or supporting actors. They are the lead singer or the lead guitar player (see how that “lead” thing keeps popping up).  When you think of a band you rarely hear anyone comment about how good or bad the bass player was, or how good the backup vocalist were, but you do hear them comment about how the lead singer could hit the high note or the lead guitar player played an awesome solo.

Valuing great performance is something we teach at a young level.  Great performances create adulation and respect for those we care about as evidenced in one of Apple’s recent Christmas commercial offerings.

So when you head to work tomorrow, think about this.  That is your dad out in the audience with his iPhone7 and he is making a movie of your performance at work today.   Would today’s performance make mom and dad proud, would it be a killer YouTube post that would go viral or was it a yawner with 78 views.

You are the star of your own show today. Is your performance Rockstar worthy?


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