Make The Investment

Sustainability and workforce analytics – big terms that are getting a lot of play nowadays. They can mean different things in different settings, but here we will use them in relation to training. Sustainability is hard to do, well maybe not too hard if you have the vision, resources and forward thinking.  It’s never good to rest on your previous accomplishment for too long. You may be number now, but all good things come to an end, just look at Toyota. They were number one for a long time, and then in the top 5, but not anymore. You have to constantly evaluate, define and redesign your processes.  Products and services change with technology and time, therefore you have to keep your eyes and ears open and check out the latest advancements. Part of the training program should be tech courses or seminars, this way you can learn the features of the new products and services so they can be incorporated into your program. This helps your presentation to new and perspective talent. Employees like to know that they are working for companies on the cutting edge.

Most companies have mission and vision statements with the vision usually speaking to some sort of ultimate future goal. However, if you can’t maintain and increase your market position, you will not be able to keep your top performers.  Everyone wants to work for a winner, so they will look for new and better opportunities.  Once you allow your organization to fall behind technology, it will eventually manifest itself in your team dynamic, productivity, hiring and compensation, benchmarking and of course training. Getting information from the employees is critical to retention, recruitment and productivity. There’s nothing better than accepting a position and you are treated well and you can judge by the facilities, tools and resources that the company invests in the workforce.  Remember you get back what you put in to it.


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