Is Your Training Like an Apple Product?

So if you haven’t heard, Apple is going to be releasing the iPad 3 soon.

Originally when I heard this news I thought to myself, “didn’t they just release the iPad 2?” And the answer to that is yes – the iPad 2 was released in March 2011. Now a year later, Apple is ready to roll out the iPad 3.

Not being a tablet person, as I am a dedicated to my laptop, I don’t get everyone jumping in line to wait hours to get their hands on the new iPad. Even funnier is that I know a lot of people that buy these new gadgets and pick it up roughly ten times or less. Know I have nothing against wanting the latest gadgets, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. Especially when these gadgets aren’t cheap.

Giving some thought to this behavior and its relations to the workplace, I take a look at a training department.

  • How many programs has the training department rolled out in a year, month, or week?
  • How much do these training programs cost to create?
  • Are these training programs providing impact to the bottom line?
  • Is the investment in the training program providing a positive return to the organization?

If you find that your training department is…

  • Driving new programs sooner than the existing content can be implemented and evaluated
  • Spending extensive time and money to create new programs
  • Not driving the bottom line
  • Not providing a return for the investment
Then chances are the department is simply creating programs to demonstrate they are trying to innovate the business and justifying their need to stick around. However this behavior doesn’t just have to relate to the training department, it can also relate to any function within the organization. Anyone can create “new” products just to say they created something new.

So the next time you are contemplating creating something new and rolling out, give some thought to the following:

  • What change, product, service, idea is needed?
  • Why is this change, product, service, or idea needed?
  • Who needs the change, product, service, or idea?
  • When is this change, product, service, or idea needed?
  • Where is this change, product, service, or idea needed?
  • How can this group/organization benefit from this need?
These questions are not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything that can and should be asked, but rather a starting point to understand what the organization truly needs versus just rolling out “new” products/services for the sake of rolling out “new” products/services.


Now go out and rock it!


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