I’m Defiant Because I’m Tired of Being Disappointed

Why I’m Defiant 

I’m 30’ish years old and I’ve been disappointed by a lot lately. I’m tired of being disappointed.

I’m disappointed by a system that gave us two dismal choices this past November.

I love my country but I’m disappointed that people voted for and continue to defend our current President.

I’m disappointed that people spend so much of their time online fighting when they could be talking to people instead.

I’m disappointed that people who are different struggle for inclusion and fair pay in our workplaces.

I’m disappointed that so many employers still do not see the value in their people.

And the list could go on.

But I refuse to dwell in that negative bullshit.

I am defiant in the face of all the negativity in our world.

 I am defiant because of the amazing people all around me:

  • Women like Rayanne Thorn (check out her post from last week) who FIGHT
  • People like my Grandma who decided to pick and up and move to a foreign country because they wanted a better life
  • The amazing community I see you a part of everyday – helping others devastated by natural disasters, helping each other with kind words of support and encouragement

I’m defiant because of the figures in our history that are too many and too large to list. You know who they are.

To me, defiance is looking at the world around you and saying, “nope, not today.” I will not accept THIS as normal.

PIC: The Freedom To Create Your Best Performance

When Chris Fields and I sat down to talk about the future of PIC we realized that PIC was very focused on rules…

  • Here is this month’s topic
  • Here is the length we want
  • Please include a picture

So many rules in what is supposed to be a creative space. It wasn’t fun. I was tired of writing HR 101 posts and Chris was tired of dreaming up monthly themes. Instead, we decided to burn it all down.

So, that’s what you’re getting in PIC 2.0.  I can’t promise the flames will all be gorgeous and I can almost certainly guarantee you might see a dumpster fire or two…but the spirit of challenge and defiance will remain.

I’m tired of being disappointed.