High Performance Work Organizations Need Trainers & Technology

Just as the world has changed, so has training. Technology has made life convenient, efficient and easy. It has also made us a little dumber and lazier. Harsh, but true! Because information is so easily accessible, no one likes to consume and retain it. Who goes to the library and uses research or reference materials? If you need information, just hop on line and Google it. Smartphones are mini computers capable of amazing things. I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell ever imagined all of this.

These advances have continued in HR and training – there used to be the chalk boards, dry erase boards,  presentation slides,  PowerPoint presentations, transparencies, overheard projectors, and let’s not forget the good ole training facilitator. Now you have virtual training, IPADs, tablets, computer based or web based training, Skype sessions, video conferences, cloud technology, and remote desktop tools which make training broader, more efficient, and interactive and cutting edge.

It’s important for high performance work organizations (HPWO) to invest in training technology in order to optimize their competitive edge.  HPWOs that want to attract the best talent available in the workforce must sustain training processes that instill production, excitement and creativity.  Some companies substitute these great new training toys for great Trainers.  However effective training skills along with technology can enhance the experience for the trainees.

Having Trainers administer and support the training process encourages confidence and credibility in the organization. A good Trainer understands how teaching core essential job functions and technology helps with the onboarding process. Give a trainee an IPAD without proper training; they will lose your respect, not connect the technology and the work process, and just play Angry Birds. Technology is wonderful and using the latest and greatest in your training program will increase morale and confidence.  Just don’t forget the Trainer, they are just as important.


4 thoughts on “High Performance Work Organizations Need Trainers & Technology

  1. So true! Competence with technology can be a business booster or bust! Unfortunately, some organizations make substantial investments in their organizations technology (hardware & software) without investing in training, coaching and support for the people who use it. Lack of confidence leads to frustration and low performance.

    Invest in your people to watch confidence, competence and competitive edge grow. Trainers can make the difference in ROI!

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