Hateration: When Did Women Become So Bad?

I know some people will read this or skim it and head straight for the comments because I am about to share something that we all have seen but rarely talk about – especially coming from a man.

When did women become so hateful and bad? I mean men have always been disgusting and vile creatures but women?

Historically women have always been great – the pillars of our society. And let me be clear, in my career women have always treated me fairly. In fact, that’s an understatement, if it wasn’t for the help, guidance and leadership of women, I would have never gotten my first REAL promotion, I would have never finished my Master’s Degree, and even my resume writing business would not be as successful if not for women.

And knowing just how awesome women are makes this even harder to notice.

At work.

A few months ago a friend of mine shared with me some office drama at her job. A female executive, who we will call Petty White, for reasons that will be obvious, was hell bent on firing an employee who she didn’t like – no problem right? Well, my friend happens to be the HR Director (she a woman too) and she informed Petty that she couldn’t fire the employee because she was on FMLA. The executive didn’t like that answer, so she circumvented the HR Director and went to the owners. Petty made her case but didn’t explain that the employee was on FMLA, so they granted her permission to fire the employee. Petty presented the approval to my friend, the HR Director and said, “Now let me know when you fire her!” The HRD called the owners and explained the employee was on FMLA, and they said “Let the attorneys decided.” The attorneys said “If she is on FMLA, we can’t touch her.” Petty is pissed…and seeing red, but wait there is more.

Petty White couldn’t admit defeat so she then presented a case to the owners as to why the HRD should now begin reporting to her since her department was closely aligned with HR. The owners approved. Petty immediately cut the HRD’s annual bonus from 10% to 5% with no real reason or explanation. Not only is she mean but she is vindictive…and petty.

I have more.

A close relative has been calling me all summer with stories from his job, seems his manager who will call Denise the Menace. See Denise is more of an intimidator. She takes off work leaving my cousin to handle all of the responsibilities on the production floor in her absence – cool right? Well if there are no decisions to be made or issues, then yeah, but when my cousin has to make managerial decisions in her absence, it seems that no matter what decision is made Denise has a problem with it. In one instance telling my cousin he needs to contact her first even if she is not in the office, but in another instance scolding him for not making a decision without contacting her.  When asked which does she prefer, she said do both! Think about that, do both, call and then don’t call? What the hell?

I advised my cousin to talk to the union rep, he did and they already had several complaints on Denise from other employees. Here is why I call her an intimidator. When employees go to HR to complain about her, HR naturally talks to her about it, well she then executes a witch hunt investigation to find out who went to HR and makes it her business to let them know that she knows what they did.

Women Hating Women.

This last piece comes from Twitter and the election. Yeah, I know, not much good happens on Twitter but I like scanning through it. So as you know, Hiliary Clinton is the 1st Female Presidential Nominee from a MAJOR party in American history (I have to say it that way or the fact finders will bring up something from the 20’s) Anyway, I remember seeing on Twitter, a woman actually said, “I don’t think any woman should be President…”. That statement should trouble you. We also know her opponent who has several scandals to his credit but one involves “grabbing them (women) by the pu**y”. And can you believe there are women who are defending him? That’s like me taking up for the KKK. I can’t even imagine!

Men Seem to be More Horrified Than Women.

Here is another true nugget, of all the men I am close too, they are disgusted by the other guy’s words and actions – they all site the fact that they have mothers, daughters, wives, and nieces – however, I know quite a few women who don’t like Hiliary and don’t GAF that she is the first female nominee.  Some have even said they HATE her; hate is a strong word. And as Yoda says, “Hate leads to fear and fear leads to the darkside.” Ladies, please stop hating, don’t go to the darkside, you are the one redeeming quality about humankind.

I don’t hate anyone and I don’t respond to it either – so remember if you decide to leave a hateful comment.


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