From Zero F**ks Given to Trying to Give a F**k

Surely by now you’ve heard the term “zero f**ks, given” or as it is most used “I don’t give a f**k” this phrase is so popular that it has its own text message code, IDGAF. And, the “finger sign” emoji was approved and rolled out for wide-spread use.

Today, we hear it all the time in comedies, music, and entertainment, “I give zero f**ks”.

There is even a song by Big Sean called, “I don’t f**k with you” which was hilariously parodied in the movie “Fist Fight” with Charlie Day and Ice Cube, by a little girl – funny but also a little troubling. And let’s not forget Cee Lo Green’s hit song “F**k You” edited as “Forget You” for the radio.

Here is the definition of “zero f**ks” from the Urban dictionary.

“The inability to give even one f**k about someone or something, i.e. the situation in which one is unable to care. This term is also used to express dismay, disbelief, or sarcasm pertaining to someone or something, and can be a successful comeback comment in the event of a downward-spiraling conversation.”

Why am I talking about this? Because I am fed up with everyone not giving a f**k about anything anymore. This virus of not caring about anyone and anything has reached critical mass in our society, culture, music, attitudes and behaviors. We have become a nation…scratch that, a world of people who do not care about anybody or anything but ourselves.

Nowadays if you have feelings about something, that is considered weak or soft and that’s a shame because we see how people who do not care about anything or know how to manage their emotions act out at school or work. We see how those who don’t care misbehave. We are even seeing an IDGAF attitude at the highest levels of leadership and that’s where it truly gets dangerous. Not caring or giving a —- comes from a place of hurt and anger, so not giving a —- means, you actually kind of do care. And it’s okay to care.

There are so many people coming into our workplaces who do not care about their job that we have become numb to it. We have become desensitized to violence, discrimination, inappropriateness, and even foul language. I hope that reading the first quarter of this article was hard for you, because that means YOU CARE! And I appreciate your kindness.  If you read the first part of this article and seeing the f-word so many didn’t trouble you, then I have to ask, why? It bothered me and I wrote it! I wrote it for a reason, not as click bait, I don’t care about that at all. I wrote it because I am sick and tired of being bombarded by people who do not care about anything in life.

We need to chill on the sarcasm and slick retorts and start caring again. I am asking you to start giving a —-! Give a flip about your co-worker. Give a flying flap about the janitor. Give a funky fat rat’s tale about the boss. Give a twisted flick about the work that you do. And maybe, just maybe if we start to care about something, we can make our lives a little better (including our work lives).

(And remember, you can’t be great if you give zero —-!)