Friday Feature: Performance I Create Recap

We have wrapped another week and it is finally Friday!

We love Fridays here at Performance I Create because we get to share with you content we have found throughout the week. However this Friday, we are going to recap our April and May posts here at Performance I Create. So let’s get started:

April 2:  Team Types and Training Programs

April 4:  You’re Not Winning an Oscar

April 9:  Post Replay – Performance Management vs. Human Performance Improvement

April 10:  Post Replay – HPI Series:  Organizational/Business Analysis

April 11:  Post Replay – HPI Series:  Performance & Gap Analyses

April 12:  You Were a Trainer? Join the Club!

April 16:  HPI Series:  Causes Analysis

April 18:  Leaders Lead!

April 24:  All That Glitters is Not Gold

April 26:  My First Day at #LASHRM12 = Freakin Rocked!

April 30:  Does Experience Matter Anymore?

April 30:  My Second Day at #LASHRM12 – Handstands & Swag

May 8:  Creating a Culture of “We” – An Engaging Conversation From #LASHRM12

May 14:  A Bus Really Does Come Every 15 Minutes

May 16:  Mandatory Training Doesn’t Have to be Excruciating


That wraps this week – be sure to check out our other posts from Chris Fields, Melissa Fairman, Jay Kuhns, Chris Ponder II, & Buzz Rooney here at Performance I Create.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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