Friday Feature: Happy CEOs, Developing EEs, Money Management, & More

We are starting something new here at Performance I Create on Friday – it is called Friday Feature.

Ultimately Friday will be a day to provide you various links to news articles, blog posts, research, etc. to continue your learning and growth. However, we do not want to just make it about what we share. If you come across something that you would like to share with our readers, email us at:  posts@performanceicreate.com

Now that you know what this Friday Feature is, let’s get on to this week’s shares.

Top 10 Happiest CEOs in 2012:  Happy CEOs Indicate Happy Workplaces

Did your organization make the list? If they didn’t, it doesn’t mean you are not happy in your workplace!

Five Ways to Develop Employees Without Spending a Dime

How awesome is this? In a time where dollars are not readily available to spend, check these quick tips out.

IKEA Launches Fully-Furnished, Pre-Fab Homes

That is some innovation! How are you seeing innovation being implemented in your organization?

What should we teach our kids about money?

Should we offer our employees money management, as well? Many organizations do, but just like wellness, it isn’t always a hot topic.

Inheriting another person’s staff: How to deal

Taking over another person’s team can sometimes be challenging. Check this post out for some handy tips.


So that wraps this week – be sure to check out our other posts from Chris Fields, Melissa Fairman, Jay Kuhns, Chris Ponder II, & Buzz Rooney here at Performance I Create.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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