Fight the good fight by creating a great organization!

Today we have a guest contribution from Michael Van Dervort. His bio is at the end of the article but he is being modest. He is a Labor Relations and Compliance Specialist with over 25 years of experience in Human Resources. He is also very active in SHRM and local HR professional development associations in FL, where he lives. He is a speaker and presenter as well. You can find his contact information in his bio but for now, please read and enjoy!

Fight the good fight by creating a great organization!

The news today is filled with turmoil and conflict.

Seemingly no matter where you turn, one group is at odds with another – UkraineWalmart, your local fast food place, and even the business pages.  Politicians and advocacy groups use the language of conflict, “battling” for a positions, and staking out a conflict driven position, no matter which side of an issue they are “fighting” for.

It’s all about the fight. It’s disturbing.

Whatever happened to language like “win-win” and “compromise”?  (I feel like the “get off my lawn” guy again!)

There isn’t much you can do to control external forms of conflict,  or settle political disputes in the Ukraine, but you can impact this stuff inside your organization.  Here’s a few ideas that might help your organization create win-win performance.

1.  Foster a positive employee relations environment.  I firmly believe that strong, capable, integrity based leadership  is a key element for success in any organization.  Practicing clear consistent organizational behavior with a clear mission, strong values, and equitable treatment of your employees are the foundation elements for a healthy, high performing organization.

2. Put some skin in the game.  I’ve worked for two employee owned companies, and all the following statements about those companies are still true.  More Profitable. Better performance. More engaged employees.  We need more employee owned companies.

3.  Ensure your business is invested in the community.  If the company contributes to the community, so will the employees.  It becomes a virtuous circle, and builds a better performing organization because people will know you care.  ContributeBuildCreate.

Paying it forward pays back in the end.  Stop fighting so much and go do some of that!


Michael VanDervort – Labor relations expert, social media power user, board member, blogger.  My 7 word autobiography:  “Complex convoluted catalyst, I’m still searching.” LinkedIn here and Twitter here.




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