Expand Your Reach !!

When you look at the design of an organization, people often struggle with the role, position and purpose of Human Resources.  This seems very particular because most companies that I know are full of Humans !!  Ironic that we don’t know what to do with HR !!

There has been an overwhelming trend on the Social Media forums for HR pros to justify their existence.  A cry for help – so to speak.  This is somewhat disheartening because we are one of the few, if not only, field that is so introspective to make sure our existence is worthwhile.  This honestly has to stop !!

How can it stop ??  You need to try an approach that is already at work in your organization.  It’s up to you to recognize it, define it and utilize it for HR and for all roles throughout your company.  You need to  . . . expand your reach !!Reach Out

Recently, I was talking with the C-Suite of my company about organizational design, and I shared the concepts of “scope” and “reach” with them.  This is how it works:

Scope – What is  a person’s position responsible for?

Reach – Who does the position touch/impact?

Now, before the traditionalists jump in, this isn’t the “purpose” of a position.  I think it’s odd that a purpose is EVER included in job descriptions because if you have to justify why a position exists, you end up making up roles that may not be needed !!  Scope is the overarching description of what key areas that are regularly covered by this role.  It’s imperative that you look at how the scope of a person is defined and see how it fits into the overall picture of the roles in your company.

When I shared this with the execs, I decided to be bold and state that the “reach” of HR is . . . ALL employees !!  The cool thing is that they agreed !!

By having this approach, and performing to it, HR can show how it truly does reach all employees.  This takes work and also the willingness to risk making such a broad statement.  However, it is also very freeing because it keeps our focus open and makes sure that everyone is accounted for and not overlooked.  You can make the case for what is already in front of you – reaching your team members !!

Once you have this established, the next steps are truly limitless.  You can design HR in a way that can work with people at an individual, team and departmental level.  You can impact and work with all levels of your company with confidence.

The key to making this work is that YOU need to reach out first !!  This isn’t something granted or bestowed upon you.  It is your intentional move to position HR in an integrated manner.  Trust me – it’s an exciting step that every HR pro needs to take !!


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