Don’t Let Your President Get Your Butt Fired

Don’t Let YOUR President Get Your Butt Fired!

Well it’s a new year but for millions of Americans, it’s the same old song. As you may have heard, in one of the biggest upsets in the history of upsets, Donald J Trump defeat Hiliary Clinton to become the next President of the United States of America. And a bunch of people lost their minds and showed their true colors.

Although Clinton won the popular vote by over 3M votes, Trump dominated her in the Electorial College votes which counts the most, thus making him the winner of the election. To his credit, Trump out hustled Clinton in the all important battleground and swing states and he campaigned until the very last minute, a strategy that paid off.

With his unexpected victory has come some unexpected problems, it seems SOME of his supporters just can’t seem to control themselves. Since President-Elect’s victory there has been an increase in hate crimes. According to this article (here) the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that from November 8th to November 14th, there were over 430 incidents of racism. And a few knuckle draggers have even lost their jobs.

For instance, this lady in West Virginia was terminated after she said, among other things, that Michelle Obama was an “Ape in heels”. Her name is Pamela Ramsey Taylor and she WAS the Director of Clay County Development Corporation, a federally funded non-profit. So she should have known better, she is not a fast-food or retail worker or a teenager.

Another one, David Barber, FORMER Deputy Director of Shelby County Corrections Center (right here in my hometown of Memphis, TN) posted, right after Trump won, “The KKK is more American than that illegal president.” He also posted and alleged that Trump was a member of the KKK, which is untrue and a horrible accusation but for some reason he felt liberated and entitled enough to say such a nasty thing.

And here’s one more, this lady was a local television reporter/anchor and she popped off in a very long and epic anti-Obama, pro-Trump Facebook post. Yep, you guessed it, it costed her her job.

These are just the ones that made national news, I know of a couple of HR Directors and a few Managers who have had to send out memos and have meetings with employees reminding them not to gloat, taunt or openly express racist, sexist…ahem or non-inclusive opinions.

It’s a shame that we have some people who feel so entitled and bold to express such negative thoughts publicly. Whatever happened to keeping your nasty behavior at home? I won’t blame the President-Elect for what’s happening, it’s always been there, some folks have just kept it under wraps. What I will say is it would be nice if he made a public statement denouncing these hate crimes, insensitive remarks, statements, posts, and behaviors. Since he won’t do it, someone else has to.

And remember if you are a big supporter of what you THINK is racism, sexism, and discrimination; don’t let your President get your butt fired.


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