Bigger PIC-ture: Keep Calm and Don’t Conform!!

HR folks have common bonds and threads, but they are far from being “the same.”  However, many HR folks want to practice their craft in a very narrow track with little chance for deviation.  Keeping things in line gives people a false sense of comfort, and also allows things to remain stagnant.

We are frightfully flawed creatures as humans (as my friend Brad Galin likes to say) and I really dig that!!  Variety is what makes us unique as people and as a profession.  If everyone within an organization had the same viewpoint and direction, then I would expect to see everyone walking around in drab gray clothes as drones.  No one wants that.

Keep Calm Don't ConformConformity is overrated!!

If you aren’t seeking to be around, or learn from, others who are different than you, then you’re just missing out and only seeing your portion of the bigger picture.  I do my best to surround myself with as many people as I can who think nothing like me.  We may have a bit of commonality, but the broader their take on things, the better.

HR in organizations would fare so much better and be so much more content if they understood that they can learn, and add value, to the other departments in a Company.  If your focus is “integration” of HR, then you’re going to be immersed in the world of different people, thoughts and perspectives.  Isn’t that awesome??

Don’t think that your view is the only view.  It’s one view.  Time to add some more!!  I’m geeked (a term you’ll hear often from me) about being a member of this very diverse HR conglomerate.  I value each member and dig the angles they take on HR in their own way.  We don’t always agree, but I ALWAYS learn from them – always.  That makes for a great team!!

Here’s a fun example . . .

I use double exclamation points on everything!!  When I submit writing to other bodies, they immediately lash out the grammar rules and abolish the 2nd punctuation point because it isn’t what “should be”.  So, I add more the next time!!

Make sure to find your niche.  Don’t conform.  Surround yourself with others and see how your personal picture of HR only grows to encompass a much more in-depth view of what we all do!!


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