Don’t Be Afraid of a Little P.D.A.

I was all prepared to write about the Performance I Create crew in Baton Rouge for Louisiana’s SHRM State Conference but that’s been done already. (See Janine Truitt’s article here)

And done again. (See Tiffany Kuehl’s article here). And here. (Melissa Fairman’s LASHRM article).

What’s SHRM and why all the excitement? Well for our readers who may not know – SHRM stands for the Society for Human Resource Management. It’s the largest HR professional development association. Many states (probably all of them) have SHRM conferences annually.

If you haven’t gathered this by now, the PIC crew is made up of HR professionals. We have Directors, Executive Directors, Managers, Regional Managers, Staffing Leaders, Senior Generalists and even a little ole consultant (that’s me – hi there!).

You may not be in HR but you may be in a Management or Leadership role. We try to offer advice and insight which works for various leadership roles – not only HR. We also believe in professional and personal development. Did you check out our free e-book “The Development Scale”? Oh it’s good and over 250 people have read it so far.

If you are leader in your company it is important for you to offer and support professional development for your staff. If HR is your thang – then send the team to a local conference and if you have the “coin” send them to SHRM’s National conference which is held in June at a different major city – this year is Orlando, baby!

If you are in Finance then send your team to the Association of Financial Professionals conference. Marketers have the Society for Marketing Professionals and the American Marketing Association. If you consider yourself a leader there is even a Leadership Development Conference.

The point here is simple – HR or not, you should support professional development.

 You should be as excited about your career’s professional association as we are about HR’s. Professional development will help your business and your leaders – you will see a return on the investment.

I can tell you from experience that it’s not just about speaking, laughing, dining and drinking – if you get involved with professional development and you allow yourself to be open-minded and taught; you can learn a lot. It’s motivated me to do more in my career. It’s given me an avenue and platform to advance my own business agenda as well as network and assist others.

Stop skirting the responsibility of development onto your managers or shifting it to your employees; to develop themselves and start encouraging it as a partnership. I remember as a Corporate Trainer, I was offered the position because I was/am an awesome guy – I had no formal education or previous experience as a trainer or in HR. I did well for a while then I made a huge mistake – one that spoke to my lack of professional development. After the situation was over, my manager said to me “I’m sending you to 2 “train the trainer” conferences.” It was the best thing to happen to me professionally – I felt like she respected me and wanted me to succeed. I also felt like the company had invested in me which made me more loyal and…wait for it…ENGAGED! 

A little P.D.A (Professional Development Association) feels good and is quite alright…mkay!


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