Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas To Me

I love the holidays. Usually it’s the one time of the year that everyone is nice to each other. I said usually!

I am nervous about this holiday season. I’m nervous because everyone is on edge and has a short fuse. A women goes into a local Wal-Mart drunk, asks the employee for a wheelchair shopping cart. Employee says, “They must all be taken.” The woman attacks her. The employee whips the lady’s ass. Fellow employees break it up. Police arrive, the woman was arrested for public drunkenness and assault.

This just happened in my hometown and is probably a preview of the holiday season. I hope not. But with racial tensions at their highest since I can remember and tolerance being as low as I can remember, I just can’t see it any other way.

A friend of mine told me she had started her Christmas shopping already, and it hit me, “yes, I guess it is that time of year.”

As I write this piece, Halloween is this weekend. One of my neighbors has decorated. At first, I thought, “why?” but then I thought, at least they are in some kind of holiday spirit. I love buying candy (more for me and not trick or treaters) but I’m not a Halloween guy. I don’t hate it but Christmas is my jam. It’s only 2 months til Christmas and it doesn’t really feel like it at all. Part of the reason is the weather, it’s still pretty warm. In fact in California the World Series is starting and they are predicting record high temperatures of 96 degrees (98 degrees would have been a nice pun).

I am not sure about you but I hope there is no more breaking news events that divide us. I hope your president behaves and don’t turn the holiday season into an “us against them”, “Christians versus errybody” holiday season. But he’s just so simple and petty that you can’t rule it out.

Maybe someone will take away his Twitter and his podium just for the next 65 days. That would be awesome Christmas gift. Then…maybe then it could feel a little more like Christmas.

Low and behold, as I published this article the president went out of the country for 12 days, and some “rogue” employee at Twitter deactivated his account on their last day of employment. I want to thank that employee for granting me an early Christmas wish! Now I am feeling the Christmas spirit!