Diversity and Inclusion is like Ice Cream, Everybody Wants Ice Cream

Where I’m from, we believe that developing an authentic effort towards diversity and inclusion that is rich with flavor and important for any business.  We also believe Talent Acquisition teams (broadly defined) are the vanguard of access and that they, in every way, are instrumental in developing a variety of flavors initiating the sought after business ROI.  More on that later.

During the recent Senate Hearing, you know the one I’m talking about, was for all intent and purpose a job interview – a bland vanilla job interview.  In watching such, I couldn’t help but give thought to the various gates of the interview process – opening the requisition, sourcing names, short listing talent, conducting prescreens, and actually bringing folks in for a face to face.

Wow.  I don’t know too many recruiters who would have given four hours to that display of candidacy.  That aside, given what we witnessed, I thought it would be important to address some of the negative assertions levied when diversity efforts are raised.   Listed below are six (6) common yet false, unfair and unfunny characterizations TA have hidden behind:

  • Lack of diverse talent in the pipeline.
  • We don’t see color – we only see quality of talent!
  • We have a person of color working at the front desk, we’re good.
  • Most of the frontline level talent are people of color and women!
  • Our employees are happy, plus we ordered Cuban food last month?
  • We don’t have time to focus on D&I right now, maybe later (wink).

The exclamation marks really rub in an offensive and wrong way.  I’ve long believed and chased that we are far better than this.  That the vast majority in the space care deeply about the work being done. I challenge each of you to abandon the finger pointing, negative narratives, and running for cover when the D&I acronym is mentioned.  And for the life of me, don’t cry just because the conversation is being had.

Listen, far too many companies and leaders have professed to have the best TA teams, involved leadership, and a great workplace culture while at the same time failing to admit they’ve done little, if anything, to align the business methodology and social imperative in a way that makes a meaningful difference. It’s just plain vanilla. Think about it like ice cream, everybody wants ice cream and the best ice cream shops offer a lot of flavors to attract and excite the taste buds, eyes, and nose.

You’d be surprised at just how much you’d advance employee engagement, lower attrition, and in short order impact contribution and productivity with a few clicks of strategy and addition flavors to draw from.  On 10/17, I’m standing on stage at ERE Recruiting Conference (Orlando) to deliver a keynote that humanizes the D&I conversation.  It will be layered, tasty, and flavorful just like ice cream – everyone wants ice cream.


Everybody wants Ice Cream