Bigger PIC-ture: Defining Vision & Expectations

Just a couple years ago I was a brand-new blogger looking for exposure and opportunities. After a few months, I saw a tweet from Chris Ponder about a new multi-contributor site he was creating – titled Performance I Create {PIC} – and he was looking for new writers. Fast forward to 2013, and Performance I Create has come into its own. It’s gone from nearly being defunct to expanding to nine team members. The piece that I think the public – that’s you- may be missing is the point/mission/vision and value of {PIC}.

There’s always been an underlined theme with the articles on PIC, and that’s improvement. For the most part, we save the personal opinions and antidotes and give you the down and dirty on improvement – from both an individual career path or organizational perspective.

We span the gambit on PIC from Training and Development, Recruiting, Leadership, Process Improvement, Organizations Development, and Social Media. Article after article – Why Does Work Suck, (then the response) Work Doesn’t Have to SuckA Bus Really Does Come Every 15 Minutes, and Reverse Mentoring: The New Training – the content is solid– human resource functions are important!

It’s doesn’t matter how much HR wants to “move past” certain aspects of the job, it’s all necessary. Any practitioner that goes into the office everyday will tell you that those things aren’t going anywhere. How do I know? I counsel many of them on a weekly basis – Boom!

We {PIC} don’t look down on any as aspect of the HR profession from job acquisitions to hiring to benefit maintenance – it’s all important.  They can also be effective within the organization’s structure and valuable experiences in your HR career path.

We approach traditional techniques with a different mindset – finding ways to make these concepts relevant – and stress their importance.  In most cases mundane duties only become mundane because we allow them to.

Vision and ExpectationsPersonally, throughout my career, I’ve worked for more bad companies than good, so often times I write from a cautionary tale standpoint or a “what if” POV. It’s those failures and examples of poor leadership that push me to be a better HR professional, writer,leader, employee, and co-worker.

I’ll be providing a positive and intelligent savoir-faire to HR concepts.


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