Dave’s HR Tech Review: Paylocity

This post is a high-level overview of the HR/Payroll/HCM software provider Paylocity.  With full disclosure in mind, I must tell you that this is the software application that I use at my place of employment.  We have been a client since 2015.  Paylocity is an Illinois based company and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange as PCTY.

If you just want to go very minimal HR and Pay, Paylocity will do the job very well for you.  If you want to go full tilt and want all of the whistles, bells and buzzers they can do that as well, it just depends on how big of check you want to write for each pay period. Paylocity does use an outside vendor for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), but the integration is great (I use this).  Currently I am not aware of a Learning Management System (LMS) integrated into the platform. There are some work arounds for tracking training but it is not a full-blown LMS.

In terms of payroll, taxes, and payment Paylocity has worked flawlessly in our install.  Everything is paid, paid on time and paid accurately. Now having said that, I would be shocked to hear anything different from any provide, because that is what you are paying them to do. If they can’t get that right they should look to get into a different line of software, because that is today’s  standard for being in this market.

We also utilize Paylocity’s timekeeping application, which I find to be very robust for both the user and the administrator. We use iPads as the input device, although a PC or smart phone works as well.

Regarding uptime and availability, from a user prospective I think they do a great job.  A couple time a year they will notify user of planned downtime, which is usually between 10PM and 4 AM on the weekends.  While they are down, users can still access the system, they just can’t make updates or changes.  In terms of downtime (outages) I have only seen a couple in my near 2 ½ years with them.  I have Paylocity for their official numbers you can go to their website and check out installs, employee count and such.

In terms of customer service, Paylocity assigns a dedicated Customer Service Representative, who in my case has been great. If the CSR is not available you can leave a message and get a follow-up call or you can go to another dedicated team members -your choice. For the garden variety questions the team members do a great job.  If it is set-up issue, I would suggest you speak to your rep, so they are plugged in to changes or updates that you make.  Remember all of this stuff is connected in about 39 ways so you want to make sure everything get turned on or turned off based upon your changes.

More than two years into the program. I have found no big shortcomings.  I am very happy with their customer service over all and would highly recommend them.

As I said in the last post, I would be happy to chat to YOU about any of these posts. Email me at drsrdrk@att.net with a Subject line of PIC Payroll question and I will be happy to follow up with you.  For the record, I was contacted by two different folks in the last month about this, YOU can be contact number three.