Celebrating The Silent Leaders In My Life

Leaders are undoubtedly everywhere! If you look up the word leader, you’ll find all sorts of definitions. Growing up, I didn’t care to know or need to know the definition of a leader. The leaders in my life were at home, school, work, within my circle of friends, they are EVERYWEHRE! Who are the most influential ones in your life? Mom? Dad? Grandma? Aunt? Uncle? Every person has a leader in their life, that one person(s) that continue to teach the valuable life lessons that can’t be learned anywhere else.
Blended families make for the most interesting learning and leading platforms! You learn to adjust to new people in your space and adjusting to new traditions. The blended family I come from taught me many lessons over the years and added some of the amazing women leaders in my life. At young age, I was granted with more family members that I could count (I was 5 years old) an extra set of parents and grandparents. This change gave me three grandmas in total, more than most girls have.
These three powerhouse ladies are the silent leaders of my life! Growing up with these leading ladies, going through their normal routines, taking care of their families, their children and grandchildren, unbeknownst to them were teaching me how to be the successful woman I am today. They taught the basics of running a household, executing the domestic pleasantries of life, always making sure there was extra treats for surprise guests and impromptu house parties. These innate qualities of these leading ladies that come all to natural to them, I was very eager to learn then to later find a more efficient way to do them (or craftily avoid them altogether). My grandmas, although different in every way, taught me how to make friends by forcibly having me play with them in the sandbox at the local park, how to ignore (and sometimes defend) myself in grade school when I was being bullied and even how to manage my very curly hair. All valuable qualities I would need later in life.
Moving from school to school as a kid was no easy feat and regardless where I lived (NY or FL) spending time with my grandmas (any one of them) was always home. That’s where the forced play dates came in handy! The tales of their trials and tribulations during their own childhoods and upbringing made for amazing stories, tales I’d eventually share with my younger family members.
Fast forward to present day, two of my three grandmas have since passed leaving me with some of greatest memories and lessons learned. These amazing matriarchs lead and continue to lead fearless lives paving the way for my parents, siblings and family. Their paths, while challenging, have demonstrated strength, perseverance, and a passion for life regardless of social status and financial inflexibility. This Women’s History Month, I celebrate Lydia, Mercedes and Jovita, the silent leaders of my life! May the morals, values nd lessons learnedĀ from these powerful matriarchs remain with me always and continue to inspire me as I walk through this journey we call life!