Break With Tradition

Tradition sucks. Tradition is lame. Tradition limits your potential. Tradition stifles creativity.

Tradition says, “If you’ve been out of work for a while then there is something wrong with you.

Tradition says, “If you have a felony conviction then you are a bad person and a risk.”

Tradition says, “Women don’t need as much money as men because men have families and are the bread winners.”

Tradition says, “If you have visible tattoos then you are a deviant and not a representation of our conservative workplace values.”

Tradition says, “There is no place for gays, lesbians, transgenders, or bi-sexuals in our society.”

Tradition says, “If you smoke marijuana then you must be a bad person.”

Tradition says, “We need to make America great again.”

Tradition says, “If a woman is really sexually assaulted then she should say so immediately.”

Tradition has had it’s place in history but now it’s time to break from tradition. We need to ask “why not?” more than “why?”  We need stop pretending to let our freak flags fly and actually fly them. We need stand up for what’s right. We need make more sacrifices. We need to stop faking it until we make it and just make it. We need to be less workers and more owners. Instead of fighting for crumbs we need to come together and make some bread!

Don’t be a traditional employee, be an impact employee. Don’t be a traditional leader, be a transformative leader who breaks from tradition.