Break With Tradition

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Tradition sucks. Tradition is lame. Tradition limits your potential. Tradition stifles creativity. Tradition says, “If you’ve been out of work for a while then there is something wrong with you. Tradition says, “If you have a felony conviction then you are a bad person and a risk.” Tradition says, “Women don’t need as much money […]


Representing the Underrepresented

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  Diversity | Diverse These words have lost their gravitas. Watered down and plastered on flyers, corporate websites, and as buzzwords on job descriptions, resumes and cover letters. The original meaning of diversity held hope that people who lacked diversity would start accepting people who are diverse in their companies, communities, and economics endeavors. However, […]


Entitlement – It’s Your Fault

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“Hey, that’s not fair!” God, I cringe when I hear that, and I have heard it quite often. Someone got to eat at his desk when someone else was prohibited from doing so. A group was complaining about the annual pay increases getting reduced because business was down. A team was pissed the incentive offered […]


A Miserable 4th of July

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When I was a kid, the 4thof July was the focal point of the summer. My uncle would take us to buy fireworks, although they were illegal within the city limits. It didn’t stop us or any of our neighbors. We would barbeque any and everything on the grill – as southerners we used charcoal […]