#BlackBlogsMatter: It’s a Celebration, B@*^!#


Surely, you remember that Dave Chappelle skit? Google it.

Anyway, as you know February is Black or African American History Month and this year marks the return of Sarah Morgan’s #BlackBlogsMatter #BlackBloggersChallenge as well.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with it – google it. Or just ask Sarah directly. She is a really nice and sweet person. She is well-educated and well-spoken. She is a Director of HR (not just an HR thought leader). She is a certified senior HR professional. Her Mom was in HR for 40 years – so it’s in her blood. She is one of the funniest people I know. She is beautiful. She is talented. She is clever. She is kind. She is important.

I want to remind you of all of that because I noticed something this year with the BlackBloggersChallenge, BlackBlogsMatter conversation this time around – some people were trying to make it a negative thing. “Gasp” * clutch the pearls *

Yes, yes, y’all there are some who tried to make this an “us versus them” thing – and tried to make it seem like this was created by a bunch of anger black bloggers who treat white people like crap and hate them.

That’s fake news. A false narrative created by a few and spread throughout the internet, patting them on the backs each time they say something insensitive, unkind, discriminatory, hateful or controversial. It’s sad but today, people don’t usually formulate their own opinions about anything– the read or hear one thing and their minds are made up. It’s the Age of Spin (another Dave Chappelle reference) and the death of due diligence.

When people are convinced, they are convinced and there is not much you can do about it – I have a great friend and he hates Lebron James, but if you ask him he would say he does not hate Lebron. He would say Lebron is the greatest player in the world but then he will go on for minutes and minutes about how Lebron is not better than (insert legend here) or how Lebron is sneaky and untrustworthy.  He doesn’t think he hates Lebron, but his actions, tweets, texts, conversations, and discussions clearly say something different.

That is a microcosm of people today, we say we aren’t racist, sexist, and that we value diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, but what does the actions reflect?

We are also quick to jump to conclusions – we read the headline and “BOOM” – jump to a conclusion. That’s clickbait. Today people write entire blogs about somebody that they have never met or had a discussion with – they make accusations and assumptions. And they get mightly defensive when you call them out about it.

Today, I want to take back the narrative of #BlackBlogsMatter (and I hope I am not out of line here) but I think I know my friend, Sarah, pretty well and if I am wrong, I want her to correct me because I don’t pretend to know it all or have all the answers or even know what she is thinking but I do want to take back the narrative because I believe, just like Black History Month, that BlackBlogsMatter is a celebration.

This is day 23 of 2018’s BlackBlogsMatter and the stories have been wonderful. I connected with a handful of bloggers outside of the HR space that I probably would have never connected with otherwise. I have some fantastic stories from other black bloggers in the HR space which go beyond the usual “how to…” content. I feel as if I am getting to know them as people not just HR experts.

If you decide to read a few of these blogs, please don’t read them looking for ammunition or for an argument. And try your best not to judge the authors on one article, go read some of their other thoughts before you label and judge them. Read them for your own understanding or don’t read them all – it’s your choice, just know, BlackBlogsMatter is a celebration.