Bigger, Better, Faster, and Stronger

You have heard it before, we must increase productivity, reduce overhead, and do it fast. Often times performance improvement and training go hand-in-hand. Whenever someone is under performing, the suits (upper management) ask, were they properly trained?

But before you go upgrading all your training processes, and hire a consultant to manage performance improvement, here are a few things you and your staff (ha ha…you probably are the staff) can do all by yourselves.

Work Analysis: Break down the work currently being done. Monitor it up close or from a far. It’s like losing weight; you have to know where you are starting from in order to measure progress.  So document what the workers are currently doing without making changes.

Job Analysis: Write down and review what is supposed to be done in each position (work analysis, what is happening; job analysis, what should be happening). You do this for each position that is in the process that may need improvement.

Process Analysis: This is where you will evaluate the tools available to the employees. Based on what you found in the work and job analysis, are the employees properly equipped with the appropriate tools? If your tools, equipment, technology or process is inadequate, what kind of production can you expect?

Evaluating Results: You may find that your employees are doing too much. That would be nice right, but more likely they are not doing enough. But why? Is it because of laziness, detachment, or are they performing in the wrong position; maybe the wrong company? Did you find that the workers can’t deliver to expectations because they have not been given the equipment?  Maybe expectations are unrealistic? We all know training and development gets cut from the budget so we have to get the maximum results with minimum resources. Finally, maybe you have outdated workers – notice I did NOT say old because there are a lot of older workers out there that can perform and contribute. This entire process may lead you down a rabbit hole; you may find problems in all areas. But in order to improve performance you have to understand what you are currently working with.


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