Aw Fur Knot

The title to this post seems a little weird, right? Here’s a hint: Are you having fun at work?

Did you get it yet? The title is an anagram of the phrase “Fun at Work”. For some people, anagrams are fun. For others, not so much.

One walk around the floor where I work, and you would be able to tell that this is a place where people seem to be having fun. We have floor to ceiling white boards where one team posts interesting facts pulled from the analytics of our workforce. Another two walls are dedicated to pictures of team members and their families. Individual work spaces are, well, individualized with family mementos, Star Wars chotskies,  and mugs with witty sayings. Well, somewhat witty anyway.

During normal working hours, there is a buzz around the place. It’s not all serious work stuff, but when you hear laughter that doesn’t mean it’s NOT about work. People have fun.

That doesn’t mean that everyone is having fun. Not too long ago I spent some time talking with an employee about his disappointment with his performance appraisal. One of the things he was told was that he needed to work harder at being part of the team. It seemed, in the view of his boss, that he didn’t seem to fit in, and that he needed to figure that out.

In reality, he was working on a team that spent a lot of time talking about their favorite pro football team, and this guy had no interest in the team or football in general.

“I show up for the 9AM meeting on Monday, and the first twenty minutes are spent talking about last night’s game. And since I don’t get involved in that, I’m not a team player.”

If you think fun is important in the workplace, and as a leader you want to interject some fun, you need to be aware of a few facts and act accordingly.

  1. What you might think is fun might not be for all others
  2. That someone not choosing to be part of the fun may have good reason
  3. If you have a diverse team, there will be a diverse view of what constitutes fun

As a manner of proof, I challenge you to determine the HR-related phrases that the anagrams below come from. Some of you will sit and do this until they are solved, and others will simply say “that’s not for me”.  And by “others”, I mean those of you who clearly don’t know fun when you see it.

  • A Cabaret Clad Offer
  • Edema Elegy Sponge
  • Hair Rot
  • Narcotic No Nut
  • A Cuddly Revisionist Inn

Either way, have some fun today!



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