#PIC POV: Paula Deen

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** Welcome to our new micro-blogging series, where occasionally 2 or 3 of the PIC contributors will write a short paragraph or two on a hot topic in the news. We will try to keep it business/HR related but if something else pops up we may add our .02 cents to the pot. Sometimes we’ll […]


A Special Announcement: Our Newest Member

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Yes, This Is  Happening! You’ve probably heard the saying “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” Performance I Create (#PICHR) is all about improvement. We’re the process improvement blog. We help you get better with recruiting, talent management, leadership, employee engagement, training and overall productivity. So it’s only natural that we take our own […]


A Shift to Service

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You ever notice that there aren’t too many new ideas anymore? Everything has been done to death, so now we remix it all – but really, it’s the same ole thing. What am I talking about? Business…to be specific. It’s all the same products and features just repackaged and sold to us by different brands […]