Why Does Work Suck?

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Face it folks, work sucks! According to latest statistical data regarding employee sentiments, over 70% are disengaged. This means basically they hate it. The employees don’t feel connected to the organization, valued or respected. They simply come in do the minimum amount required, collect their paychecks and go home. There’s no passion or excitement. Why […]


Make The Investment

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Sustainability and workforce analytics – big terms that are getting a lot of play nowadays. They can mean different things in different settings, but here we will use them in relation to training. Sustainability is hard to do, well maybe not too hard if you have the vision, resources and forward thinking.  It’s never good […]


Bigger, Better, Faster, and Stronger

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You have heard it before, we must increase productivity, reduce overhead, and do it fast. Often times performance improvement and training go hand-in-hand. Whenever someone is under performing, the suits (upper management) ask, were they properly trained? But before you go upgrading all your training processes, and hire a consultant to manage performance improvement, here […]