Freedom Has a Price

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Everyone wants freedom to breath, be creative, trusted to perform their essential job duties and meet deliverables on time without harassment. Nobody wants to be micromanaged or tied to their desk all day. That’s understandable, that’s desirable and hell that’s what I want too. But total freedom is unrealistic and here’s why. Often times you […]


Develop Your Bench

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Sometimes in life, we get way ahead of ourselves. We want the kids, spouse, SUV, house in the burbs and the white picket fence before we are really ready for it all. We apply that philosophy to our careers; we want to do it all until an employer comes along and demands it all from […]


Leaders Lead!

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Never been a fan of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC, but last year I was watching it and they have added a new trainer – this guy name Dolvett. He’s a beast just like Bob, the old trainer. They work those folks like a rented donkey. At any rate, Dolvett is laying it on thick; […]


Onboarding and Training Still Matter

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I’ve had the pleasure of career coaching several individuals regarding interview tips, resumes and other ways to separate themselves from the pack in this crazy job market. One thing I hadn’t counted on was onboarding and training problems that exist out here in the workplace. I have 2 clients, 2 different companies, with surprising experiences. […]


Why Does Work Suck?

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Face it folks, work sucks! According to latest statistical data regarding employee sentiments, over 70% are disengaged. This means basically they hate it. The employees don’t feel connected to the organization, valued or respected. They simply come in do the minimum amount required, collect their paychecks and go home. There’s no passion or excitement. Why […]


Make The Investment

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Sustainability and workforce analytics – big terms that are getting a lot of play nowadays. They can mean different things in different settings, but here we will use them in relation to training. Sustainability is hard to do, well maybe not too hard if you have the vision, resources and forward thinking.  It’s never good […]


Bigger, Better, Faster, and Stronger

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You have heard it before, we must increase productivity, reduce overhead, and do it fast. Often times performance improvement and training go hand-in-hand. Whenever someone is under performing, the suits (upper management) ask, were they properly trained? But before you go upgrading all your training processes, and hire a consultant to manage performance improvement, here […]